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CA-Alpha-3G Portable Rapid Deployment Cell Phone Repeater System (RDCRS)


  • CellAntenna’s Rapid Deployment Portable Emergency Communication System facilitates cell phone and Public Safety Communication ANYWHERE.
  • This Portable Emergency Communication System is the SAME professional unit used by FEMA, Firefighters and the Border Patrol during emergency situations.



These reliable cell phone area signal boosters are:

– Cutting-edge technology engineered specifically for Emergency Use with a backup battery system that allows 8+ hours of operation.

– Designed for government agencies and responders to immediately deploy tower enhancement boosting of cell phone signals INDOORS and OUTDOORS for measurable assistance.

– Portable. Pelican case that fits in the trunk of a vehicle and can be deployed by a single person.

– Ruggedly constructed. Unit is designed for rural areas and extreme weather and emergency conditions.

– Quickly set-up. Can be deployed instantly for immediate cell phone communication boosting.


Two new LTE Portable Repeater solution available now: CA-Alpha-3G

CA-Alpha-3GA is designed for Companies that require emergency communication services especially for Hurricane Preparedness and when disaster strikes (see previously placed PR on same product).

CA-Bravo-3G is design for Police and Fire Departments, Public Safety . It includes ALPHA and adds Public Safety band. ALPHA + PUBLIC SAFETY SMR BAND.


Solutions are available on CellAntenna GSA Schedule



A fully-portable version of CellAntenna’s popular CAE700 dual-band repeater system, the RDCRS allows government agencies and other users to immediately deploy a solution that boosts cellular signals in outdoor and indoor areas that may not have adequate cellular signal coverage due to natural or terror-related disasters.

Designed specifically for use in emergency operation centers and response vehicles, the RDCRS facilitates cellular communication in areas as large as 15,000 square feet, ensuring that personnel in that radius will receive reliable, clear cellular signals in low signal level conditions. The RDCRS is packaged in a rugged, roller-type case for easy transport, can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle, and is lightweight enough to be deployed by a single person.

Two system configurations of the RDCRS provide either the coverage of the PCS and Cellular bands, or the Nextel and PCS bands, with one set of antennas and cabling. The RDCRS can handle up to 7500 square feet of area on 1 floor; up to 12,500 square feet / 1 or 2 floors with the OPT03 Kit; or 15,000 square feet / multiple floors with the OPT04 Kit.

CA-Alpha-3G is now available with a solar power system. Our Integrated Solar Power Systems are complete, integrated power supplies designed for loads requiring reliable 12 VDC (24VDC and 48VDC also available). Each system contains the components necessary for safe and reliable power generation without the need and expense of installing a utility hook-up. These systems are shipped pre-wired and pre-assembled and installation is as simple as mounting and connecting two wires. Applications include: Broadband Radios and Access Points, Repeaters, Security, Lighting and Surveillance.