by Fmeaddons

CA-SMW-GPS3 – Multi Band High Performance GPS Hole Mount Antenna


  • Frequency range GPS: 694-894 MHz, Dual 2.4 &4.9-6.0 GHz, 1575 MHz
  • Dimensions: 4.0″ Dia. x 3.19″
  • High Voltage supply GPS: 3.3/5V DC
  • Amplification: typ. 26 dB
  • Gain: 2 dBi 694-894 MHz, 5 dBi 2400 & 4900-6000 MHz, 5
  • Impedance 50 Ω


Multi Band High Performance GPS Hole Mount Antenna

New! CellAntenna’s GPS Multi Band Hole Mount Antenna provides performance level signal reception and transmission. This hole mount antenna provides the ultimate in multi-band coverage. SMW Series antenna is configured with 3-cables to connect with individual devices; other configurations are available. This rugged antenna can be mounted to any vehicle, cargo container or trailer. Comes with 3 cables 15′ long with 2X SMA male Cell & GPS 1X SMA male reverse polarity connector WLAN

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Weight3 lbs