Reliable Wireless connectivity in a time of crisis

CellAntenna Provides Complete Turn-Key Solution To Increase In Building Public Safety Signal Coverage

Meet ALL Building Code and Fire Code Requirements ( NFPA 1,72 2013)
To meet your building code and fire department requirements for indoor signal coverage for First Responder radios, CellAntenna provides complete Turn Key in building Public Safety repeater / booster systems which include Engineering, Installation, Certification and Yearly Testing as required by building and fire departments across the country.

We are experts in current standards and what is required to deliver a system that will be accepted by your local authority. We will design, install and commission the system, and insure that it meets or is better than the code. Our approved systems work with P25, TETRA and all analog and digital type of public safety communication.

As an added feature, we can design your system for current or future implementation of cellular coverage for every carrier. Combining the two systems, Public Safety and Cellular , makes use of the same antennas and cabling , giving you a cost effective way to achieve complete communication coverage inside your building. As well, we can provide technology refresh capability allowing you to keep up with any changes to signal standards that requiring upgrades in equipment.

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Map of typical signal propagation

 Over the past decade, the demand for increased radio coverage indoors for public safety / first responders are constantly on the rise. With CellAntenna cost effective in-building wireless solutions boosting systems, wireless communication issues will no longer cause any hindrance to public safety.

Reliable wireless connectivity is a vital component in maintaining an open line of communication with police, fire, and other emergency responders in a time of crisis. Communication is Vital!

Many public buildings and transportation centers can experience significant lapses in wireless and public safety signal through parking garages, construction areas, and other areas of importance for structural reasons.........The inability to comply with nationwide public safety codes, require coverage to support emergency response, can endanger not only the general public, but building employees and public safety responders as well. The ability to make a call, send an SMS, communicate through 2 way radios, pagers, etc, in an emergency situation can make life or death differences.

As well many city and county governments are implementing NFPA standards forcing the building owner to comply or face delays in certificates of occupancy.

With CellAntenna wireless solutions in place, communication problems will no longer cause a hindrance to productivity.

Homeland security has become a major concern since 9/11. Efficient and accurate wireless communication is important not only in responding when an emergency occurs, but in preventing them all together. The effective use of handheld communication devices in major travel hubs such as airports and subway stations allow security officials to locate and handle potential safety issues before they become problematic.

CellAntenna can help solve any in building public safety signal problems.

Cost effective ways to help business run as efficiently as possible

CellAntenna cell phone and public safety in-building signal booster antenna systems allow government agencies the option to increase wireless signals when needed.

CellAntenna Corporation – a leading integrator of Public Safety and Cellular in-building Signal Boosters today announced it has been awarded General Service Administration IT Schedule 70 Contract 47QTCA18D003M. This award facilitates sales procurement by U.S. Government Agencies as well as State and Local Governments requiring professional services involving the design, supply and installation of CellAntenna’s in building cell phone signal boosters, custom-engineered distributed antenna systems (DAS) to amplify reception in problem areas inside buildings.

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Included are CellAntenna’s complete turn-key solutions to increase In-Building Public Safety Signal Coverage that meet or exceed NFPA 72, allowing for clear communication for police and fire radios.

CellAntenna’s Interference Mitigation services , hunting down rogue signals affecting Public Safety towers preventing clear communication between radios is included in this award.

Inn today’s economy, all levels of government are looking for cost effective ways to help their agency run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Seamless wireless communication plays a huge role in helping to keep government productivity high.

Government employees rely on their wireless voice and data devices to run departmental business quickly and accurately from any location within the office. Employees depend on the ability to communicate effectively with one another within a facility to ensure vital information reaches the appropriate departments as timely as possible.

The ability to stay connected to local officials and businesses helps booster economic productivity as well.Safety amongst government offices and agencies is of vital importance. The ability for security personnel to keep in touch through handheld wireless devices can make a critical difference in times of threat or emergency.

Security officials must be able to contact local emergency response teams when a potential emergency arises. The ability to block cell phone signal in the event of a possible security breach can make life or death differences.

CellAntenna has a team of sales and technical staff experienced in how local, state, and federal government contracts work to ensure the right products for your agencies specific needs. Our specific and uniquely engineered designs can provide the signal enhancement or cell phone control necessary, without disrupting operational technology within your facility allowing all forms of government to run as safely and efficiently as possible.


Our customers:

- Dept of Defense (includes: Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force)

- Miami-Dade County


- DHS (FEMA, US Border Patrol, US Customs & Border Protection, OIT)

- US Military Academy



- US Army Aberdeen Test Center


We can provide solutions to Cell phone and other signal issues in the USA and for USA interests in Foreign Countries worldwide 

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Designed to solve pandemic of illegal cell phones

At CellAntenna we pride ourselves on being renowned experts in the use of cell phone control and managed access solutions around the globe.

Contraband cell phone use in correctional facilities by offenders continues to be a problem that has become one of the top priorities for correctional officials around the world. The possession and use of contraband cell phones puts guards at risk as inmates use them for “command and control” to organize correctional facility riots and other dangerous activities.

There are well-documented cases where inmates have planned murders from inside their cells to eliminate trial witnesses and in one case an inmate called the judge presiding over his trial as a threat. In Latin America where drug trafficking is a major industry, drug cartel leaders continue the management of their organizations from inside correctional facilities.

Typical defeat strategies implemented in prison facilities currently include: Improved screening of correctional employees and visitors, additional surveillance cameras, dogs that recognize the scent of the lithium batteries used in cell phones, frequent cell and personal searches of inmates, intelligent detection systems, simple handheld detection devices, IP based triangulation systems, and managed access systems.

These traditional methods and technology based solutions have met with limited success as the number of contraband telephones continues to increase at an alarming rate. With the price for contraband cell phones sky rocketing inside correctional facilities, perpetrators have resorted to very creative means for getting this contraband inside the correctional facilities. From information captured recently by the CJAM-CPC in a Federal correctional facility in the USA, it was documented that inmates are lending or renting their GSM handsets to other inmates that have only SIM cards.

One handset (IMEI) using multiple SIM cards (IMSI). Locating a SIM cards using traditional methods (search/dogs/metal detectors) is impossible.

From designing and deploying cell phone threat management systems globally we recognize that every correctional facility is different in size, architecture and location.

  Plus, some are located in the middle of nowhere and some are in downtown areas. To think one solution can be effective in all cases is illogical. Today CellAntenna primary focus is on detection, control, management and service denial for cellular phones.

This focus has enabled CellAntenna to develop a portfolio of cell phone threat management solutions that deliver results cost effectively. . From this development CellAntenna has proven that unlike most jamming solutions (always on) intelligent cell phone detection can be a scheduled event that takes place over a short period of time as a per diem service. With this in mind CellAntenna has launched the CJAM- CPC Service Portfolio as their latest innovation.

Designed to help correctional organizations worldwide solve this pandemic of illegal cell phones in correctional facilities. The CellAntenna CJAM-CPC Cell Phone Controller (CPC) is an intelligent cellular base station system that serves as a deterrent to cell phone possession and use in correctional facilities by detecting, controlling and managing contraband handsets and SIM cards. The CPC captures the unique serial number information from a handset (IMEI) and the SIM card in use (IMSI).

The CJAM-CPC typically works in conjunction with a distributed antenna system (DAS) which delivers precise coverage throughout the designated target areas which eliminates the possibility of cellular signals from outside the correctional facility being detected. The DAS is engineered based on the specific environment of each facility in terms of architecture, housing design and strength of the cellular carriers signal within the facility.

All distributed antenna systems are designed to comply with all Health and Safety regulations that mandate emission levels. Unlike other detection and jamming technology, the CJAM-CPC does not need to be running 24/7. In 4-5 days the CJAM-CPC will detect all the contraband handsets and SIM cards in the correctional facility in the designated target areas.

Since the CJAM-CPC runs on a Windows XP operating system the raw detection data captured from the handsets and SIM cards can be exported to a Microsoft Access database manager and report writer. The data can be sorted for use by investigators or compile lists of contraband handsets and SIM cards in use in the correctional facility for disconnect by the subscribing cell phone carrier.

The CJAM-CPC is available in a portable form factor and can be moved to other correctional facilities with installed DAS for 4-5 days for detection and data collection. If 90% of the contraband handsets and SIM cards are detected and disconnected by the cellular carriers the CJAM-CPC can be re-installed at intervals based on how quickly the contraband cell phones can be replaced by the inmates in each correctional facility.

CellAntenna engineers will conduct a site survey to determine the optimal system configuration and from that provide an estimate of coverage and capture rate.

Based on the site survey results, CellAntenna will propose a plan based on the results of the site survey and the expectations of the end user. Once a plan has been finalized, CellAntenna technicians will visit the site as often as necessary and continuously monitor for contraband cell phones that are in use within the correctional facility.

Over a period of time based on the size of the facility CellAntenna Cell Phone Control (CPC) system will detect the illegal phones and capture their unique serial numbers (IMSI for GSM & ESN for CDMA). All detection information is exported to a Microsoft Access database manager and report writer where detection data is organized and reported for use by investigators or mobile carriers. The list of contraband phones in use by inmates can be used by correctional investigators to determine who is smuggling handsets and SIM cards into the facility.

In addition, the list of contraband mobile phones is then turned over to the cellular carrier by the corrections department for service disconnect (passive service denial). CellAntenna and the DOC will plan a visit schedule based on the anticipated replenishment rate of the contraband mobile phones and budget. Detection data is captured by the CJAM-CPC and exported to a Microsoft data base and report writer system (Microsoft Access).

The detection information can be sorted and organized to help investigators arrest those aiding and abetting the smuggling of contraband handsets and SIM cards. The CJAM-CPC captures important handset information such as: SIM card serial number, number of detections, handset make and model information, time stamp, cellular service provider, and handset serial number (IMEI).

CellAntenna offers the widest variety of solutions allowing correctional officials to select the most effective and affordable solution on a case-by-case basis. CellAntenna is an official member of the ICPA: International Corrections and Prisons Association for the Advancement of Professional Corrections.

Being able to stay connected wirelessly while on the move
Our world today is constantly on the move. From the daily commute, to traveling for business or leisure, people are constantly on the go.

With CellAntenna in-building solutions, transportation will be easier and more pleasurable for both operators and travelers. We service all major travel centers and vehicles including: airports, train stations, bus stations, subways, cruise ships, and other marine transport vessels.
Being able to stay connected wirelessly while on the move is a vital part of our everyday lives. Whether waiting for a flight, traveling home on the subway, at sea on a cruise vacation, etc, being able to staying in touch with business, friends, and family is of the utmost importance.

We here at CellAntenna know that busy travel hubs such as airports, train stations, and subways often experience wireless service “dead zones”, resulting in weak signals and dropped calls.

This can be very frustrating to busy travelers who rely on their wireless voice and data connections, which are such a vital part of modern living.

Travel operators rely on a constant stream of timely and accurate information to keep things running smoothly. Travelers expect constant updates on arrivals, departures, delays, and any other major updates that affect their plans.

When communication is inhibited, travel hub operations can be impaired, causing major problems for passengers and employees alike.

CellAntenna cost effective in-building wireless solutions will improve communication and ensure a more seamless and pleasurable travel experience.

With communication issues solved, travelers will be happy to book their travel arrangements through your facility.

Wireless communication play a major role in the life of today’s college student

CellAntenna cost effective in-building solutions voice and data boosting solutions will give students the ability to stay wirelessly connected at all times.

With seamless communication throughout campus security, students, parents, and faculty will feel safer and more secure knowing that their campus is running efficiently and productively. By having all of their wireless communication needs met, students can thrive and academic productivity can flourish. As more and more students enter the higher learning arena each year, college campuses and universities are more competitive than ever when it comes to drawing in and recruiting new students and faculty.

Technology and wireless communication play a major role in the life of today’s college student. Wireless communication can be a vital part of a student’s ability to stay ahead of the game academically and socially. Students depend on SMS and wireless data to send and receive emails, assignments, and receive the latest in campus news and events. With CellAntenna’ cost effective in-building wireless solutions, students will be able to access their voice and data networks inside lecture halls, door rooms, libraries, cafeterias, laboratories, and open areas throughout campus to keep in touch with friends, family, academic groups, and campus faculty.

Enabling hospital staff to be accessible anywhere, anytime

CellAntenna recognizes that in today’s growing healthcare market, the implementation of effective communication technology is more critical than ever.

Patient care relies on the ability to effectively deliver timely and accurate information to doctors. In today’s fast paced hospital environment, seamless communication can be more and more difficult to manage.


When doctors within a facility are unable to make and receive calls, or when paging systems are disrupted due to weak signal issues, missed calls and undelivered notifications can result in a lapse in effective patient care.

Through CellAntenna Engineered design and installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), we can provide complete solutions to all of your wireless communication needs. Productivity and patient care is greatly improved by enabling hospital staff to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

By communicating wirelessly throughout your facility, critical information can be delivered in an expedited manner leading to an increased response time of healthcare workers in emergency situations. By maximizing operational efficiency, operational costs are greatly reduced.

Interference with sensitive hospital equipment is completely eliminated through our wireless friendly communication systems. Our custom designs can be installed and maintained without any disruption to regular facility operations.

Through our qualified team of sales techs, engineers, and installers, CellAntenna can provide everything you need to solve your in-building wireless solutions service needs.


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