NIB LTE TDD Solution Announced by CellAntenna International Inc.

100 watt Network In A Box solution to be used for Private LTE in 4G and 5G solutions

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the AOC Exhibition in Washington, DC, CellAntenna International Inc, a leading manufacturer of radio frequency amplification systems for software defined radios announced today the launch of its 100 watt LTE NIB Network in a Box TDD Band 40 and 41 high power solution.

The CA-NIB1100TDD LTE is designed to provide low EVM high power for Private LTE networks for small and large area coverage solutions for secure communication independent of public mobile phone service providers.

Authorized government agencies , such as police , can tactically deploy the fully secure CA-NIB1100TDD LTE system without cellular provider limitations providing unprecedented connectivity to IOT devices and high speed data requirements. The CA-NIB1100TDD LTE allows for complete on scene integration of body warn and fixed cameras, communication and control all in one dedicated radio system.

Used as a Cell Site Simulator, the CA-NIB1100TDD LTE can be a companion to existing such systems upgrading their capability to meet the current and future advances in cell phone technology or incorporated within other platforms using CellAntenna Intentional’s other SDR frontend high power amplification systems.

“Our R&D team are 2nd to none in coming up with creative innovation in this ever changing challenging telecommunication environment, “ said Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna International Inc, “The CA-NIB1100TDD LTE , made in the USA in our South Florida facility, extends our product line for our core government business “

CellAntenna International Inc focuses on RF amplification systems used by government agencies around the world to provide tactical systems used in homeland security applications.

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