In-Building & Digital Signal Processing Amplifiers

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In-Building Amplifiers
The wall-mountable bi-directional dual band amplifier has a composite output of +27 dBm, a 120 VAC power supply, and N female connectors. Features of this BDA include LCD readout, easy-to-use menu system, integrated digital power/AGC meter and automatic isolation control. Two controllers are included to allow user to operate functional capabilities independently.

Typical applications of the Westell dual band in-building amplifier include warehouses, parking garages, convention centers, campus environments and more!

Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Digitally Filtered Repeater capable of passing the entire wireless service provider spectrum requirements. Digital software-based filter technology, remote monitoring and control. The Westell digital repeater permits selection of multiple passband configurations, locally or remotely, with virtually no down time. The Graphic User Interface allows for effortless set up and monitoring via a standard web browser.

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