Repeater solutions for cars, trucks, boats and Rvs

Improve your signal strength by over 500%. Reduce Dropped Calls! The Cell Phone Signal Boosters connect between your cell phone or car Kit and the external antenna. They boost the signal level and power output of your cell phone to the maximum FCC approved limits. Currently most cell phones are only 250 milliwatts of power ( 1/4 watt). Not too long ago the Bag Phone was king and was putting out 3000 milliwatts or 3 watts of power.

The Cell Phone Signal Boosters boosts your cell phone to the levels of the bag phones so that long distance and more reliable communications can be achieved. For optimal use, choose either one of our magnetic mount or glass mount antennas, they are great for the car, boat, RV or truck. Combined with our Yagi and Panel Antennas, these boosters provide reliable communication indoors to cell phones connected directly to them.

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