Signal Hunters: Interference Mitigation Services division

Who are we?

CellAntenna’s Interference Mitigation Services division, called Signal Hunters, deals in interference hunting and abatement services for CMRS carriers, government agencies and private industry. The service uses specially designed mobile analyzing equipment, including tethered and non-tethered drones, to quickly find any offending signal in order to mitigate and effectively moderate its damage to the cellular and public safety networks. With cases, ranging from interfering cell phone boosters to high-power FM and television broadcast stations, our interference hunting service is most often provided as a turn-key solution. Specially trained field engineers (RF specialists) will utilize radio frequency spectrum analyzing equipment to isolate interfering signals. Combined with our years of experience, they can successfully identify the source by recording the signal, determining where it is strongest, triangulate the source, and work with the offender to clear the interference.

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Key Features:

• CellAntenna’s Signal Hunting division is being offered to any operator of spectrum on any frequency
• Interference or jamming caused by overpowered signal energy prevents customers from using their mobile phones
• Signal Hunters will work with the offender to correct the interference problem, files the FCC CTIX report and provides full documentation of the event
• Pirate Radio
• Tower operators: pre-launch studies and carrier-add
• In-building hunting to clear spectrum of interference
• Serves CMRS carriers, municipalities, government agencies and private industry
• Noise found by RF engineers is often created unknowingly by poorly designed electronic equipment used by the public, faulty lighting in parking structures, and even broken underground cabling
• Mitigates and effectively moderates damage to the cellular and public safety networks
• Utilizes specially designed mobile analyzing equipment including tethered and non-tethered drones to quickly find the offending signal and clear it

Combined with our sister company, OpenSky Drones, we are able to offer all of the following:

• Real-Time Imaging Relay
• Inventory Condition Assessment
• RF Spectrum Analysis
• Real-Time Cloud Data Inventory
• Close-Proximity Equipment Review
• Pre and Post Disaster Inventory
• Spectral Analysis for RF Capacity Planning
• Tethered and Non-Tethered Drones are also available with our services, to learn more, visit OpenSky


Keefe Guy, head of Technical Sales at Signal Hunters
Phone: (954) 507-7840