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CA-SIGNAL-SCRUBBER : Anti-Jamming, Anti-Interference Platform Designed Exlcusively for Cellular-Based Military/PoliceCommunications

  • Protects comms receiver against in-band and out-of-band external interference
  • Significant rejection of up to 40dB of both narrow band and wideband interference
  • Dramatic improvement of voice clarity and data rates
  • Supports MIMO Operation
  • Supports indoor and outdoor installation
  • Power options include PoE and -48VDC
  • Continuous signal monitoring and analysis

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The CA-STINGER system used for IMSI/IMEI catching has ECCN# 5A001 f.2 Additional CA-STINGER Attack capabilities subject to further specific export licensing requirements by the US Government.

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The CA-SIGNAL SCRUBBER is a cutting edge piece of equipment designed as a simple add-on to any cellular based communication system which enhances voice/data communication and combats signal jamming. The unit operates independently and autonomously without involving the protected receiver. The system is ideal for combatting signal interference or uplink jamming in mission critical situations where retaining optimal communications is key. Indoor and outdoor models enable installation of the unit between the antennas and the protected receiver supporting any configuration including RF simplex and duplex interfaces as well as fiber-fed RRUs.

No calibration or training process is required at installation. Several powering options include -48VDC as well as PoE which enables unit powering, control, monitoring and signals spectrum logging via a single Ethernet cable. The CA-SIGNAL-SCRUBBER can also be configured such that it enables a VIP user to use his personal cell phone/device on a regular basis within his vehicle, while operating jamming systems and blocking all other cell phone devices within the vicinity of the convoy. The CA- SIGNAL SCRUBBER acts as a portal, opening a VIP dedicated channel while simultaneously jamming all cellular bands and creating a protection bubble around the vehicle.