by Fmeaddons

CA-STINGER-3510 : Portable IMSI/IMEI Catcher

  • Detects IMSI/IMEI Information from Cellular Phones
  • All in One Package
  • Dual Radio
  • Support All EU or USA Mobile Phone Bands
  • Supports Cellular Protocols including 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Fully Adjustable Output power
  • Fully filtered to prevent interference
  • Easy to use Windows or Android GUI
  • Lightweight – 6 kg
  • Battery Powered


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The CA-STINGER system used for IMSI/IMEI catching has ECCN# 5A001 f.2 Additional CA-STINGER Attack capabilities subject to further specific export licensing requirements by the US Government.

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The CA-CAS-23510-BP is a self-contained fully functional mobile phone detection system that provides IMSI/IMEI catching capability. The system contains two software defined radios providing up to four mobile channels (2G, 3G, 4G) on any EU or USA frequency band. The four radios are filtered and amplified providing a total of 10 W output power. Intended for portable use, the CA-CAS-3510 is designed to fit multiple configurations and contains its own cooling system. With very little set-up required and easy to use Android GUI, the CA- CAS-3510 is the ideal mobile phone detection platform with maximum versatility.