by Fmeaddons

CA-UAVTETHER : Tethered Drone Surveying/Surveillance System

  • Assembled in minutes, able stay in flight 24hrs/7 days a week
  • Able to fly to heights of 400ft
  • Coaxial Configuration (RG142 or LMR 240/400) Available
  • CAT5/6/7 Configurations Available
  • Tether creates stability for clear imaging for safety and security purposes
  • Receives and broadcasts coverage instantly, information while in flight can be transmitted to the user for remote viewing
  • Backup battery supply for emergency landing situations

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The CA-STINGER system used for IMSI/IMEI catching has ECCN# 5A001 f.2 Additional CA-STINGER Attack capabilities subject to further specific export licensing requirements by the US Government.



– 24/7 Aerial Surveillance

– Public Safety RF Repeater/Booster

– Combined with CA-STINGER for Cellular Monitoring and Control Applications

– Sound or Light Emissions for Crowd Control

– Direction Finding

– RF Interference Mitigation

– Private Cellular Networks

– Wi-Fi Routing

– RF Tower Measurements