by Fmeaddons

Guardian3 – Bi-Directional Amplifier for Public Safety Bands up to 80,000 sq ft


Guardian3 SC-TriPSB

  • Built-in safeguards eliminate interference to public safety network Software upgradable in the field
  • Stealth technology incorporated- uplink becomes dormant when not in use, providing power-saving operation
  • Independently adjustable uplink and downlink
  • Lowest out of band emissions
  • Auto Gain Control (AGC) and automatic shut down
  • Includes NEMA enclosure – Meets NEMA 4 type requirements
  • Coverage up to 80,000 sq ft, 100+ simultaneous users
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty



The SureCall Guardian3 amplifies signals for crucial communications inside police stations, fire departments and hospitals, delivering reliable and robust signal quality for the public safety officials relying on two-way radio communications.

The Guardian3 tri-band booster increases signal strength for Public Safety Bands and SMR (specialized mobile radio service) inside buildings with weak signal strength. Guardian3 amplifies 700MHz & 800MHz and 900MHz SMR frequency bands, covering up to 80,000 square feet and 100+ simultaneous users. The Guardan3 Industrial booster features sturdy metal construction and an industry leading 3-year warranty. Includes NEMA-4 rated enclosure.

Product Specifications:

Uplink Frequency Range (MHz): 788-805 / 806-824 / 896-901 (Including D Block)
Downlink Frequency Range (MHz): 758-775 / 851-869 / 935-940 (Including D Block)
Supported Standards: Public Safety 700 and 800 and SMR 900
Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum Gain: 80 dB
Maximum RF Output Power: 26 dBm
Noise Figure: ≤ 8 dB
VSWR: ≤2.0
AC Power Transmitter: Input AC 110 V, 60 Hz
Maximum Output Power: 3 Watt EIRP
P1dB: 31.5dBm
Cable: SC-400
RF Connectors: N Female (both ends)
Power Consumption: 90W
Dimensions: 15.5″ X 11 X 3.5″
Weight: 19.5 lbs

Additional information

Antenna(s) in kit


Max. Floor coverage


Coverage in sq ft

up to 25,000 sq ft